Software as a Service

On-demand software via the Internet...

Software as a Service

On-demand software via the Internet...

We remove technical software and hosting obstacles for our clients by providing our software as a service.

Software as a Service, a.k.a. “SaaS”

Unlike traditional software services which require extensive hardware to host and maintain servers, databases and code, our Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery model is centered on cloud-based web technologies – a significant departure from on-premise software.

Learn more about what SaaS is and how it works:

The SaaS model is an online service wherein users are able to access software applications over the Internet – much like many other familiar, user-friendly websites including Gmail, LinkedIn, Salesforce, Facebook and hundreds more.

Our SaaS delivery model allows businesses and financial institutions to operate a fleet of scalable website services to hundreds of advisors, realtors, educators, or other professional groups.

Website Hosting & Security

We work with some of the largest financial institutions in Canada. As a result, our SaaS websites have been through intense scrutiny and are regularly monitored and tested for optimal online security. The intelligence gained from this testing is then re-engineered back into all of our software services, further benefiting the entire SaaS network.


PCI Compliant


All of our online services are hosted and maintained by Amazon Web Services and trusted partners. Our first, second, and third level support team ensures that there is always a certified professional monitoring and maintaining the availability of your websites.