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Learn how to Grow your Business with a focused Digital Marketing strategy.

Download our free guide to digital techniques and tips for small business, including inbound marketing strategies, brand development, and social media.

  • Your Website – Your business must be visible online and easily reachable from Google. Removing the complexity from your website by implementing the basic principles of digital marketing in this guide.
  • Executing a Strategy – Define a cohesive plan for your website and social channels, and then measure results to make informed decisions.
  • Introduce Inbound Marketing – Creating relevant materials and making them available where people naturally interact will naturally attract customers to your business.

Our digital marketing strategies are designed to grow your business by generating new leads. Let us show you how to attract potential customers in a digital world.

“We are thrilled with the fully re-built website and brand identity designed for us by Darcy and team. They consistently met our high standards for how we convey who we are, what we are passionate about and what we stand for. Every issue we raised was acted on to our full satisfaction. We also learned a lot from the process of working with them on this project. We recommend them highly.”

“Iconic Group created a unique website design for us built around our illustrations from a local artist. We gave them a challenge and they came back with a creative, professional website with the functionality that we requested. We’ve had a great experience working with their team – they are helpful and pleasant to work with. Since creating our website, the Iconic team has advised us on website and blogging best practices and provided timely and responsive support. The value and service that we have received has been exceptional, and we’re pleased to recommend them.”

Eric C. LaxtonChappell Partners LLP
Lawyer, Business & Real Estate

“The website that Iconic Group built for us was impressive, but the inbound marketing program is what really blew me away. My approach to marketing has completely changed. Our new online presence has increased client engagement and referrals, and generated new business. The Iconic team has connected with me with my target market and positioned me as a thought leader in the community. My web traffic is up over 100%, and I’m having lively, topical conversations with both clients and prospects because of our social media posts. I’ve learned a lot, and am excited to keep the momentum going.”

Geoff FunkeScotia Wealth Management
Senior Wealth Advisor & Associate Director, Wealth Management

“I cannot say enough about the inbound marketing program – it’s been A+++. I’m engaging with clients on both financial and community topics, and creating an ongoing dialogue that simply didn’t exist before. The response to our new blog was so positive that it’s been turned into a newspaper column here in Kentville, and my local web traffic is up over 400%. My connections across social media have grown exponentially. Suffice it to say, the program has exceeded my expectations. I’m very pleased with the Iconic team and their incredible work.”

David J. RitceyScotia Wealth Management
Portfolio Manager & Director, Wealth Management

“We’ve seen incredible value in having a personalized, turnkey digital marketing program that positions us well with clients and keeps us top of mind. The Iconic team really listened to our needs and our goals in a marketing strategy, and their work has been exactly as promised: high quality, consistent, and tailored to our clients. We’ve seen measurable results and enjoy the engagement the program has sparked. The time commitment on our end has been minimal, which is ideal in a busy wealth management office. Their hard work has definitely been our gain.”

“The inbound marketing program has been an incredible way to engage with clients and our local community. We now have a modern, responsive website that reflects the calibre of our business and our clientele. Everything about the program has been personalized and strategic, and the results have been amazing to see. We’re positioned as leaders in the industry and in the community, and are having a lot of fun engaging on social media. Across the board, our experience with Iconic Group has been excellent.”

“Iconic Group really took the time to get to know our business and understand what we’re all about. They’ve helped define and execute our digital marketing goals, offered advice on brand and service offerings, prepared custom content and developed an outstanding website. As a client, we feel that they truly work alongside us to meet our goals while understanding our budget constraints. It’s a great partnership and we’re happy to see the positive results of our work together.”

“Our website needed a significant upgrade, and required a robust product gallery where we could feature hundreds of items. Iconic Group came highly recommended, and we were not disappointed. In developing a custom product gallery for our new website, they were able to integrate additional features and a navigation system that is very easy to use – the simplicity of the system and the user experience will benefit our staff and customers tenfold. Working with Iconic has been extremely easy and enjoyable. They continue to provide us sound advice on our website and productivity, and have very insightful brand recommendations.”

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